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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Back to Reality...

Well it certainly has been a long time since I posted, as I have taken a much needed blogging and designing break after the end of my university course.

So I thought I would share with you the final results of my most recent project (hopefully not my last!) and how it all came together in the end...

As I mentioned before, my Final Major Project was centred around the theme of A Midsummer Night's Dream...It was certainly easy to gather inspiration for the floral, woodland  imagery, but I really wanted to give the project a mystical feel. As a result, my work began to centre around a beautiful purple and blue colour palette, which I had taken from my photographs of wooded areas as night fell. I feel that it really captures the fantasy element of the play without being too dark...whilst still remaining commercial and attractive (Always a bonus!)

By using CAD software I began to layer drawings, photographs and mark making artwork to create my gift wrap and card collection. As I had only starting using photoshop the previous year it was certainly...an experience! But a good experience none the less and an area I'd love to experiment with in the future.

Please excuse the quality of the images, I-phones were not meant for dark exhibition spaces!

...My Overall exhibition...

...Giftwrap designs...

...Table of Treats...

Overall the exhibition was a success and I had some lovely comments on my collection. Being my first "serious" exhibition I was certainly happy with the results and after all the hard work put into setting up (by myself and all the girls involved!) it was sad to take it all down. However two years from now and it'll be full steam ahead with another exhibition and New Designers...Scary!!

As the photos are, shall we say, on the dark side...here are a few images of my final products...

"Midsummer" Wrapping paper

"Hermia" Wrapping Paper

"Titania" Wrapping Paper

"Puck" Wrapping Paper

"Helena" Wrapping Paper

"Twilight Forest" Wrapping Paper

"Out of this wood do not Desire go" Greeting Card

"Hermia" Greeting Card

"Oberon" Greeting Card

"What Angel Wakes me from my Flowery Bed?" Greeting Card

"The Course of True Love never did run Smooth" Greeting Card

"Ill meet by Moonlight" Greeting Card

"Lost Lovers" Giftbag

"I know a Bank whereon the Wild Thyme blows..."Giftbag

"What fools these Mortals be!" Giftbag

And so that ends my second year at university! I hope you've enjoyed looking at my final major pieces...

Feel free to comment or contact me if you have any question, queries or general wonderment and I'll also be posting work by some other fabulous graduates soon!

Until next time...

Jessica :)

*And also, a blog-make-over is occurring so please pardon the current layout whilst I embark on an online adventure to master HTML code and website templates!