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Sunday, 14 October 2012


Happy Sunday from Yorkshire :)

I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday (perhaps a lovely Sunday Dinner too...). As I said in my previous post I am hoping to get a place back at my University to study Textile Design (Ba Top Up) and, even though I may be getting ahead of myself, I can't stop thinking about ideas for my first project back - The decision to go back seems to have made a huge impact at the moment, it's like I've had the jolt of inspiration I needed!

As a printed textile designer I have a continued love affair with pattern, however, looking back over my old work I have realised I tend to design one off prints for cards, single sheets of wrapping paper or art work. So for a little bit of a personal challenge I have decided to do a strictly patterned based project...and also centre it around a more geometric stimuli. Again something a little new to me, but it seems fitting that I should experiment with these things given my recent spontaneous decision!

Crystals. I can't believe I've never considered this theme before! I love the unusual formations, striking colours and how something so strong can look so effortlessly beautiful. So many ideas are running through my head at the moment, so fast I couldn't write them all down, but I'm so excited to get started! 

Here is an image I found on National Geographic's website that has inspired me...

I can already see the digital prints...
Cave of Crystals in Mexico...I also love the illusion of scale - something quite surreal about this image...

Well, fingers crossed they let me back!

Jessica :)

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